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Phenomenal nails don’t happen by chance,
but by choice...

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About Section

About Me... B

Hi my name is Bianca, but I loved being called B.

I am extremely passionate about the service I provide and strives to educate each client about nail care. I did my nail qualification back in 2006 with Bio Sculpture in South Africa.

Hygiene and quality are my main priorities when it comes to my work. I enjoy building trusting relationships with my clients and will have you feeling confident and looking great! I want you to come treat yourself to some calmness and pampering.


About the products

The Hard Gel products that I use is a one component nail treatment that strengthens and promotes the growth of the natural nails. The gel does not contain the harsh chemicals that acrylics do, which means the nails remain healthy, strong, and damage-free. The gel is nourishing to the nails because it stimulates nail health and contains vitamins and minerals.

No harsh buffing of the nail before or after the Gel application means it is much gentler and less laborious, hence no dust.

The product will last three weeks on your nails, some clients may last longer as they look after and maintain their nails well and others client who are hard on their nails may only last two weeks.


Beautiful venue

Come and get your nails done in a Category 1 Historic Homestead with gorgeous gardens and views all round.


Opening times


Tuesday - Thursday


10am – 5pm

Friday - Sunday

Inquire for times

Please call / text / email for appointments
No walk ins please


379 Oruawharo Road, Takapau, 4281

Entrance to the room is around the side/back of the Homestead,

by "Christopher's wing". Follow the signs.

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